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Recipe: Spicy tofu salad

One of my favourite quick and easy meals is a spicy tofu salad. I hesitate to call this or most of the things I make a ‘recipe’ because it usually consists of me throwing a lot of a things in … Continue reading


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Salvation from hunger

I feel like Pizza Hut is really reaching here…

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Taste of London

Last week I won two VIP tickets to Taste of London through the MetroTwin blog (British Airway’s site promoting the London/NY similarities, and also BA’s routes to and from), which included fast-track entry, access to BA’s VIP lounge, a glass … Continue reading


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Coming attractions

So I have a whole night off to catch up on blog posts, and what do I do? Leave my camera at work. I’d say that pretty much makes my posts useless. So instead… look at this set of photos … Continue reading

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Best cupcakes in London recipe

Some may remember my intense excitement over being asked to help judge the best cupcakes in London. The winner was online cupcake retailer Faircake. I did complain that they’re a bit expensive, so if you don’t feel like shelling out … Continue reading


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Zizzi (and all London pizza chain restaurants, really)

I love that in the UK there are no Applebees or Macaroni Grills (though there are TGI Fridays of which refuse to step foot in on principle). The UK has its own class of restaurant chains, and in the midst … Continue reading


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Freebird Burritos, Soho

Oh, Mexican food in London, how elusive art thou.  Despite several recommendations of ‘amazing’ places I find myself constantly disappointed (Taqueria, anyone?).  I’m starting to lose hope! Tonight I got a glimmer of it back… I just had a chance … Continue reading


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Introducing: om nom London

Just what London needs – another food blogger.  Oh yes, indeed. That’s right, folks. It’s finally time I started a food blog.  It’s still a work in progress, so I apologise up front. I’m sorting out my sidebars and blogrolls, … Continue reading


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Candy Cakes on Goodge Street

Slightly muffin-like cupcake with crazy amount of hard frosting on top. Not exactly your average fairy cake, but definitely om nom. A bit pricey if I remember correctly. Maybe £3.50?

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Pork Belly at Maze

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