Freebird Burritos, Soho

Oh, Mexican food in London, how elusive art thou.  Despite several recommendations of ‘amazing’ places I find myself constantly disappointed (Taqueria, anyone?).  I’m starting to lose hope!

Tonight I got a glimmer of it back…

I just had a chance to try Freebird Burritos at the Qype Summer Party at 93 Feet East, and while it was a very good burrito, I just kept thinking, ‘Well of course it is. How hard is it to screw one up?’  And then I remembered the sloppy mess of a burrito that I tried out of a food stall in Camden Market three years ago and promptly shut up. Burrito making, I’ve concluded, must somehow be an art.

Freebird works off of the Chipotle school of thought: Take a tortilla the size of a  newborn and stick it chock full of rice, beans, tomatoes, salsa, guacamole, cheese, lettuce and if you fancy it, sour cream;  wrap it up in tin foil and present it like a compact log:

freebird burrito soho london

I love Chipotle, so they were off to a good start.

Taking a bite, the tortilla was nice and fresh.  I’m not sure if they make them in-house, but I wouldn’t be surprised.  It was very good.  The other ingredients were tasty as well.  Even the salsa had a good kick to it. I’m also glad they had a black bean option.  Finding black beans in London has proved trying to me in the past. I usually have to go to Whole Foods for them. Sooooo much better than pinto beans.

freebird burritos soho london

All in all, a tasty little concoction. It’s not the best I’ve ever had, but it would certainly do for a drunken 4th meal if I’m ever in Soho on a Saturday and feeling vulnerable.  (That said, I hope they keep late hours. I can’t find them online. They would make a killing around 2 am on Wardour)

Or at least until Chipotle finally comes to London.

Freebird Burritos
Rupert Street @ Winnett St

Soho, London W1D


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3 Responses to Freebird Burritos, Soho

  1. I should invite you along for peter gregson’s and my burrito safari. It’s a quest to find the best burritos in the world (London).

  2. I hear Chilango/Mucho Mas is good. Have you tried there yet?

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