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Recipe: BBQ Chicken

Oddly enough, I had a craving for BBQ chicken the other night. Since I couldn’t think of a place in London that does it well (*cough* Nandos *cough*), I figured I might as well give it a shot even though … Continue reading

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La Fontaine de Mars – Paris 7eme

Sadly, this is my last Paris restaurant review from my weekend. Honestly though, it’s probably a good thing. I spent way too much money on food than is healthy for one person in a weekend – and I didn’t even … Continue reading


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Le Chateaubriand – Paris 11eme

Just like Le Timbre, I had my eye on Le Chateaubriand months before I left. But of course, after my my experience at Le Timbre, I was very very worried my high hopes would leave me high and dry. Luckily, … Continue reading


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Le Bonbonniere de Buci – Paris, 6eme

No trip to Paris is complete without swinging by a patisserie. Le Bonbonniere de Buci was recommended to me by Tim, who stops by there every time he’s in Paris for one specific reason: their Grand Marnier cake. Looks rich, … Continue reading

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Le Timbre – Paris, 6eme

I had been planning my trip to Paris for a couple months, which means that I had been researching and planning what restaurants I wanted to eat at for a couple months too. My requirements: French Under 50 euros for … Continue reading


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Benja – Soho

My friend Katrina and I needed a place to eat by Piccadilly last Wednesday. We were going to see the new Harry Potter at the Trocadero (don’t ask – awful theatre) and didn’t want to end up somewhere too touristy … Continue reading


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One-o-one, Knightsbridge

After a tough week, I decided to treat myself to lunch at Asia de Cuba. I made a reservation, didn’t have breakfast and did a quick check on Google and TFL to make sure I was going in the right … Continue reading


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Square Bar, Shoreditch House – Shoreditch

Here’s my thing about Shoreditch House: I like it, but I feel like I should like it more. Everyone raves, but I can’t stop thinking that they do so because they think they should.  The space itself is fabulous. Where … Continue reading

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Hakuba Sushi – Bloomsbury

My arm is easily twisted.  On Friday night, after a tough week at work, my friend Lewis asked if I wanted to grab some sushi.  Even though I was trying not to spend money and really could have used a … Continue reading


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Gustosecco Pumpkin Risotto

Since my trip to Ooze last week, I’ve been on a mission to find good risotto that’s both cheap and tasty. It only took me one try. I give you: Gustosecco Pumpkin Risotto I bought this risotto at Kennards after … Continue reading

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