Benito’s Hat – Goodge Street

benito's hat

After my last burrito conquest, it was suggested that I try Benito’s Hat, a cute little place on Goodge Street right around the corner from my office.  Even though it’s very unlikely for me to have two burritos in a year, let alone a week, I said sure.  It was free, after all (thanks to new people starting at work).

Even though I went there as a seemingly objective patron, I must admit, I’ve had a bit of contact with Benito’s Hat before. They e-mailed me a few months ago to come in and try some margarita promotion they had going on.  I found it a bit odd, because at the time I didn’t have a food blog and I only rarely wrote about food-related things on FPN, so I asked the guy where he got my name.  It turned out from a friend, which was totally cool, but when I followed back up saying ‘bring on the tequila’, the dude never e-mailed me back. That was annoying.

When you walk in, you’re greeted with shouts of ‘Next?!’ ‘What do you want?’ ‘What can I get you?’ before you’ve had a chance to glance at the menu.  Being it lunch hour, we were all a bit scared of the workers and of the clearly burrito-mad people queuing behind us.  I went very quickly for a pork burrito with avocado, black beans, salsa and rice. Unfortunately these fillings seemed a bit too much for the poor tortilla, which almost immediately ripped when the guy started wrapping it up.  He kindly offered to make another one for me, which I declined. I’m a big girl, I can handle a bit of mess. It was nice that he asked though!

benito's hat burrito insides

It was a nice burrito in theory. The ingredients were all really good – better than Freebird – but the way that it was put together (even apart from the gaping hole in the tortilla) was all wrong.  Instead of a nice layered bite of all ingredients working marvelously together, I found myself munching through tortilla+rice, then tortilla+big hunk of pork, then tortilla+half an avocado, then the slurp slurp of black beans.

It was just ok. I’d be willing to give it another try, I suppose, but I know there have to be better places out there.

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5 Responses to Benito’s Hat – Goodge Street

  1. Let me know when you need a burrito tasting partner. I was less a burrito girl and more for the bowl at Chipotle, but I’m still missing those flavors regardless of the way it’s delivered.

  2. I have to make do with the burrito at Whole Foods (due to its proximity to my workplace). I want a burrito/taco stand near me. :(

  3. How are the burritos at Whole Foods? Are you by the Kensington location?

    I would think that they wouldn’t be too bad, to be honest since they’re an American chain.

  4. tikichris

    I feel the same about BH burritos:

    We gotta get you over to Daddy Donkey!

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