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The Warrington – Maida Vale

No sooner did I leave The Warrington in Maida Vale did I read in The London Paper (rest its soul) that Gordon Ramsey’s pub had failed a health inspection. Apparently they found mouse droppings in the kitchen, under the sink … Continue reading

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Thursdays in Ann Arbor: Melange and eve

I spent nearly every Thursday night of my last year in Ann Arbor eating and drinking with my friend Kyo. We would start out at Melange for Happy Hour (half off sushi and glasses of wine) and make our way … Continue reading

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Zingerman’s Roadhouse – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Zingerman’s is something of a legend in the Midwest. It started out as a small deli in Ann Arbor and has expanded into something short of an empire. People come from near and far to queue for an hour outside … Continue reading


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Grange – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Opening up a restaurant is extremely difficult.  There is so much to prepare, so much to anticipate, and so much to work out before you actually know what can and could go wrong. That’s the kind of pressure Grange is … Continue reading

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Egg Yolk Ravioli in London?

I just received an e-mail from a dear reader and friend that I have no clue on the answer.  Foodies of London: HELP! I saw on professional master chef (which by the way is one of my favourite shows) egg … Continue reading


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Selma – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Not to be outdone by all the pop-up private supper clubs around, a family in Ann Arbor has started ‘Selma’, a Friday morning breakfast club from 6am-10am*. Like most of these outfits, Selma doesn’t do any traditional advertising or marketing … Continue reading

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Pacific Rim – Ann Arbor, Michigan

I’ll admit that I am a biased party when it comes to this amazing Michigan restaurant. I worked for Pacific Rim for nearly three years in University and after. When I had my first job in PR, I kept on … Continue reading


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om nom’ing in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor is like a little oasis. It’s a tad too far out to be a suburb of Detroit, but being about 45 minutes outside the city and an hour from where I grew up makes it part of the … Continue reading

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Pei Wei – Rochester, Michigan

This was my first meal back in the States with my mom.  I was exhausted from the flight and starving, and really wanted some Chinese food. My mom suggested something a little nicer. Pei Wei is the cheap version of … Continue reading

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Northwest/Delta Airlines – Flight 0781

Yeah, I’m reviewing my airplane meal, so what?  It was actually really good! I’m never sure on a plane if we’re going to eat like we’re in the timezone we’re leaving or the timezone we’re going to. I had a … Continue reading

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