Chop’d at Selfridges

Being a member of Qype definitely has its benefits.  You get really honest restaurant reviews, a huge directory of things to do in London and the oppportunity to go to some really fanatstic foodie events.

Like this past Tuesday. I met a whole bunch of lovely ladies (Niamh from East Like a Girl, Jenny from The Style Pa, Viviana from The Lean Times, Cara from MsGourmetChick, Rejina from GastroGeek and Mathilde from Mathilde’s Cuisine)  at Selfridges Food Hall to go to Chop’d.

The event was organised by Libby of Chop’d's PR agency and Sian, freelancer extrodinaire and fellow Qyper. Our task was to create a salad with Chop’d ingredients and have a blind tasting to see which one we liked best.

And I won! This is me just after it was announced with MD, Eddie:

I NEVER win stuff like this. Just like Krista, I tend to eat at restaurants not cook the food that is served at them.

The salad is going on sale starting 12th October for a limited time of 2 weeks at all London Chop’d locations.  It has been mentioned (though I’m not sure how true it is) that if it does well, they will consider having it properly on the menu. So, if you’re anywhere near the following locations, please try it out! It’s only a measly £5, so on then :)


And my salad? I’m told it will be called the ‘Om Nom London Salad’, which is ace.  These are the ingredients:

The Om Nom Salad

Deli leaves

House Items
Caramlised onions
Spiced chickpeas
Sundried tomatoes

Deli items


Lemon juice

I figured it would either be really good or really bad, so I’m glad it was the former.  I was aiming for a bit of sweet (onions), spicy (chilli), savoury (chorizo), mild spice (chickpeas), citrus (lemon juice as a dressing) and salty (olives) – and I think that’s a pretty accurate description.  If you go and try it, let me know what you think.

All my photos were borrowed from Sian‘s Flickr stream, by the way…


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6 Responses to Chop’d at Selfridges

  1. Jaz

    This is awesome Mel – well done, sounds yum! And that’s a really nice picture of you too :-)

  2. Congratulations!

    It was fun trying all the other salads, but you were the deserving winner :-)

  3. kyo

    nicely done, ms. seasons!

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  6. Kaycee

    I’m not easily impressed. . . but that’s impressing me! :)

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