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Fino – Fitzrovia (Second visit)

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Oh, Fino - how I love thee…

My first experience at Fino was a little over a year ago when I went with a friend visiting from the States. It was before this blog had a proper form (but that doesn’t mean I didn’t take a lot of pictures). We had done some mega restaurant research and knocked off Galvin at Windows (thumbs up), St John (love), Maze (really love), Sake No Hana (meh) and Hakkasan (double meh) in a week. Fino was to be the last hoorah. And what a hoorah it was. I had it built up in my mind over the next 12 months, and when I finally went back I was terrified it would no longer be what I imagined.

Thank god I was wrong. Fino is, without a doubt, my favourite tapas restaurant in London. It’s one of those rare places that every dish that comes out is equally as good as the last.

Please excuse the crap iPhone photos – they do the dishes no justice!

A lovely Crisp Pork Belly was indeed very crisp in all the right places, and absolutely bursting with savoury spices.


Brushed with a slightly sweet glaze, the Stuffed Squid was perfectly cooked – not a hint of rubbery texture.


The Chorizo Chips were delicious fried morsels of spicy cured meat.


And the Ham Croquetas were just as tasty as I remembered.  How they make a huge fried ball of cheese taste like you’re eating a cloud, I’ll never know


Dessert was their absolutely gorgeous Cinnamon Doughnuts and a sort of Chocolate Parfait thing that I can’t remember the proper name of. Both delicious, but the fried bits of dough with ice cream were my pick.



Dining with one other, four small plates and two desserts was more than enough. With wine and service, the bill came to about £68, more than worth it. But I will warn, it’s pretty easy to get carried away here, and things do add up, so watch out. Throwing another bit of chorizo on the table could bump the bill up pretty quickly.

Go here, now.

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  • Forget it being just a favourite tapas restaurant – it’s one of the best restaurants in London, full stop. Love love love this place!

  • I do like the food at Fino, especially the grilled octopus but it is pricey. One thing I don’t like though is the bar, which feels a bit like an anonymous hotel bar.

  • crisp pork belly was criminally flavorful! but the doughnuts look a bit different than how i remember.

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