7 June, 2010...10:00

Viet Grill – Shoreditch

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I love Sundays – especially since I’ve started my new Sunday hobby: Viet Grill. For the past couple months, every Sunday, you’ll find me there with the boy some time between 12:30 and 3pm, nursing a leftover Saturday night headache with the best Vietnamese food in London.

From the Goi cuon summer rolls…

to the Bánh gôi ‘Crispy Hanoi “Pillow” Dumplings’

…I’m in love.

I’ve been more adventurous with the starters, ticking them off one by one (or two by two!) as I return each weekend.  Today, we went for the Bò cuon bánh tráng starter. A sort of DIY sirloin steak rice paper roll that you cook and assemble yourself.  I don’t have a photo unfortunately, but I doubt I would have got a picture anyway, they went so fast. If you’re curious though, it looks like this. They were excellent.

For the mains, I’ve been a bit more predictable.  I just can’t stop eating the Bún Nem:

A gorgeous bowl of imperial and prawn spring rolls, served with grilled beef wrapped in grape leaves over fresh  vermicelli with mint, coriander, and a spicy fish sauce.

What amazes me about this dish is the fact that even after sitting in liquid for 15 minutes, the spring rolls are still CRISPY. Seriously as if just out of the fryer. They’re amazing.  I could eat this every day for the rest of my life and be happy.

Love Viet Grill. Love it.

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  • I have never tried out Viet Grill because I always end up at Song Que… but this really convinces me, you might meet me there next Sunday :)

  • Ooooh, I love Viet Grill. You have not lived until you try the whole oven baked mackerel with lemongrass. Deeee-vine. In fact, next time you go, let me know and I’ll come and nurse my head with you, the boy and the fish.
    Hope you’re well! See you soon I hope…

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