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Bejoy Tandoori – Bounds Green

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There’s a place – a little, unassuming Indian restaurant in Bounds Green (an area in London which I’ve found most people have never heard of. Hint: one stop north of Wood Geen on the Piccadilly line).

The boy lives way up there, and sometimes as a treat after sharing a bottle of wine at the pub down the road, we’ll grab a Saturday night curry. It’s never busy inside, but their takeaway business is hopping, so I think they do well.  The owners and servers (likely family and friends) are sweet and attentive; the food is cheap (we eat like kings and the bill is usually under £30 for the two of us including wine); and everything is delicious.

I don’t take pictures every time I’m there because if there’s one thing they lack on, it’s presentation – and really, there’s no point in me telling you how good the Lamb Dahl and Saag Paneer is (it just is). Just saying, if you ever find yourself so far north you think you might just be in Scotland, check out Bejoy Tandoori. It’s lovely.

P.S. Apologies for the long break in posting. I was off in lovely Barcelona for the Bank Holiday week. Had a lovely time, but didn’t eat anything of particular brilliance apart from Japanese and pizza (which of course, are soo not Catalan cuisine).  Ah well – can’t win ‘em all.

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