Bonjardim: om nom nom’ing in Portugal

One simply can’t go to Portugal without having a little Peri Peri Chicken. I was told that the best in the country was from A Rampa in Monchique, but alas, only five days in the country (and most of them at a beach), I couldn’t make it. Instead, on my first day in Lisbon, I took to TripAdvisor and my trusty guidebook to find Bonjardim, a cheap and cheerful eatery off a charming winding alleyway in the Baixa district.

Arriving shortly after 2 (tactically before siesta), I was seated upstairs and presented with bread, cheese and a croquetta. These little nibbles are only charged if you eat them, and being as famished as I was, I happily did.

The menu was expansive with most mains seemingly priced around the 10 euro mark, which I figured was totally fair. Naturally going with the Peri Peri, some chips a bit of red wine, I was surprised when it all arrived to the table within minutes (telling me that not only had it probably waiting, they were also trying to rush me out so they could actually close before dinner service).

No matter though. The chicken was tender and the skin crisp. The portion was huge (the picture is only half of it), but somehow I managed to most of it. It was spicy, perhaps a bit too salty, but still put Nandos to shame (and I actually like Nandos). The biggest surprise was when the bill came.

9 frickin’ 80.

Apparently the prices on the menu were ‘sharing’ prices. For a single diner, they cut everything in half. Those little nibbles at the beginning of the meal were 35 euro cents, and my half bottle of wine (I just asked for ‘red wine’ and that’s what they brought me instead of a glass) was €2.80.

I’ve never been so shocked in my life – tasty to boot. Go here when you’re in Lisbon. For the price, it’s impossible to be disappointed.

Travessa de S. Antao 11
Lisbon, Portugal


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3 Responses to Bonjardim: om nom nom’ing in Portugal

  1. Did you get the piri piri sauce to add with a little brush? I loved Bondardim; delicious.

  2. This is amazing!! I love seeing everywhere you’ve gone:)

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