A culinary photo tour of China and Tibet

Way back in September, I spent an incredible two weeks split between Beijing and Lhasa. We had a few days in the big city and then a two-day smelly   train ride across the country and into the heart of Tibet. We saw mountains (like, the mountain – Mt Everest), we ate yak, we ran out of breath walking up a flight of stairs thanks to the altitude, I tried lung for the first time (no, thank you) and generally had a wicked, crazy time.

Here’s the evidence…

Crunchy tofu

All this for just £10/person and soooo much better than Chinatown


Yak dumplings

Proper Peking duck

Sweet tofu with edamame

Hot pot beef with dumpling and chilli

A yak feast in Tibet (lots and lots of yak - which wasn't really all that nice)


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8 Responses to A culinary photo tour of China and Tibet

  1. Wow that duck looks amazing. What a spread.

  2. I ate a lot of Peking duck, and quite a bit of yak. The former infinitely better than the latter… :)

  3. Lung goes into haggis along with lots of other offal, once was enough despite the Scotch.I’d happily try yak though.

  4. Wow, I can not believe how much food is on that table. I love eating in chinese restaurants because we can order 3 or 4 dishes and try some of each, but wow!! That is an incredible amount of food.

  5. What a great sounding trip, my memories are coming flooding back looking at that Yak. What lung did you try and how was it cooked? I tried the yak variety and it was beautifully fried… I am, needless to say, very envious of your trip.

    • They had it in two forms. I believe one was pan-fried and the other breaded and fried. I tried a morsel of the fried and it was still just a bit too squidgy for me. I’ll try anything twice though just to make sure I didn’t have a bad experience

      I was so jealous of your trip though – tobe able to take that much time out and travel would be bliss!

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