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Delicious by DS5 – Shoreditch Pop-up restaurant

Often times, pop-ups are a little difficult (if not slightly pointless) to write about. By the time you get a chance to do so, they’re – poof! – gone. However, the one I was lucky enough to snag a table … Continue reading

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Kopapa – Seven Dials

Generally, the only time I go around Covent Garden area is when I have tickets to the ballet. Otherwise, it’s too busy with tourists and full of mediocre and overpriced restaurants. Therefore, I admit I was a little dubious of … Continue reading


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Viajante (Second Visit) – Bethnal Green

I do tend to go on quite a bit about Viajante. I went once last year for the 3-course lunch, and it ranked no.2 in my best restaurants in London list behind Launceston Place. This time, I went back for … Continue reading

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Belgo Noord – Chalk Farm

I’m no stranger to Belgo’s Lobsterfest. Taking place every June, the Belgian restaurant chain stops pushing their ‘moules et frites’ and goes full-on crustacean. I’ve been invited the past two years to take part, and every year it gets better. … Continue reading

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Senhora Mae: om nom nom’ing in Portugal

Trying to figure out where to eat in Lisbon there are a few things that keep popping up: Pastéis de Belém, pretty much anything ‘cheap Peri Peri’ (more on this later) and Senhora Mae. Ranked no. 20 on Trip Advisor‘s … Continue reading

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Viajante – Bethnal Green

Restaurants like Viajante don’t come around everyday. Meaning ‘traveller’ in Portuguese (and pronounced Vee-ya-jahn-tay, not Vee-ya-han-tay as I originally thought), chef Nuno Mendes’ latest restaurant is an absolute dream. If you read any London food blogs, you’ve probably already heard … Continue reading


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Nimb – Copenhagen

My last night in Copenhagen, and I was looking forward to Nimb. Another recommendation from a London foodie, I booked a table for 8:30pm Sunday. Nimb is located in the Nimb hotel, also home to Herman – one of Copenhagen’s … Continue reading

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Reinwald’s – Copenhagen

Unfortunately one of the perils of travelling alone is the dreaded Saturday night dinner.  While I’m no stranger to independence, dinner time on date night is a little intimidating.  You have to find just the right place – not too … Continue reading


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Aamanns – Copenhagen

Travelling alone invigorates me. There’s something special about discovering a city street by street where you have no idea where you’re going or how to speak the language. It’d been a while – nearly as year since my somewhat-disastrous trip … Continue reading


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Beach Blanket Babylon – Shoreditch

Beach Blanket Babylon looks like someone took a beach hut, decked it in black chandeliers and velvet, and decided that it somehow warranted charging £11 for a drink. It’s the sort of place that tries really hard to be good, … Continue reading


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