For PRs

Just so we have it out there, here’s my PR policy…

  1. I write restaurant reviews.
  2. I don’t make ‘invite to review restaurant’-type posts a habit, as I think it’s important to have the same experience in a restaurant as anyone walking in off the street. From time to time, I have been known to make an exception, but it’s generally because I was given a voucher that I could use anonymously
  3. I occasionally write kitchen gadget reviews or go to select restaurant media events as long as they’re not during business hours, Monday-Friday (blogging is a passion – it doesn’t pay the bills!)
  4. I do not cover drinks, beer, wine or alcohol news, cocktail recipes, mainstream food product launches, survey stories, competitions or ‘celebrity’ chef interviews or videos. Sorry.
  5. All product reviews, event mentions, restaurant reviews – anything – will be given full disclosure and reflect my true opinion of the experience

If you think your client may fit the bill, send me your pitch, and we’ll see from there!  You can contact me by clicking here - just remember to take out the trusty anti-spam words.

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